August 28th, 2011

Okay, so Irene is gone, thank you.  The whole family slept through the night with nary a scary sound to jostle us from our slumber.  We woke to a bright morning with just a scattering of branches and tree debris around the house and on the property. We didn’t have any excess water anywhere it wasn’t supposed to be. It was still lightly raining and the power was off.  Both of which were to be expected.

I made breakfast without any type of electricity (thankfully you can just use a match to light a cooktop).  We all took our showers and without thinking about much else, just leisurely relaxed.

We couldn’t stop worrying and decided that we had to return to the shore house to check on it. I called a neighbor down there and found out that the whole town was barely scratched by the storm!  Power, still on. Flooding, little if any. Destruction, none.  Hmmmm, now returning to the beach would be more of a comfort than a rescue mission, so packing up a few things to get going and off we went.

Little did we know that the above (in pictures) is what was awaiting us and what had happened overnight.  The tree in the first pic is why the power is out.  We had to get off the Parkway due to some flooding or blockage and wind our way around and back through some never-before-seen-or-heard-of communities. But there was little traffic on the way there.

In Ocean Grove there were a few tree limbs, a bunch of leaves a puddle here and there (and, oh yeah, our cellar flooded again, husband said it was a FOOT it was like 5 inches) We were completely unaware of the complete flooding of parts of Maplewood and Millburn until arriving back at the beach and getting on the internet.


(next post with pics of Ocean Grove)

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