June 9th, 2012

I totally forgot to post this last night. 

Every now and then I get a glimpse of what my ebullient boy might be like when he’s a cranky old man (hey, like totally WAY older than me, okay?).

After sister’s hack at the barn, we stopped for Panchero’s Mexican yummies. TWO booths over there was a family of four with the two tow-headed boys shown in the background. Said boys thought it a riot to crawl all over the fucking restaurant and bother people by staring at them while they ate.

My boy finally had enough and turned around and said point blank “Do you mind? I”m trying to eat here.”

I almost lost my shit right there! It was soooooo funny.

  1. thecookiemomma said: Well done! Glad your little one was fairly polite and told the kids what they needed to hear!
  2. thesahmmy said: go!!! get ‘em!!! i hate that shit. people letting their kids act like assholes at a restaurant.
  3. sweetcarolinealine said: aahahaha. He was like, “the hell?” I can’t stand when little kids do that and their parents just let them. I’m all for letting your kids explore, but not in an eating establishment. Take them to a park or somewhere outdoors if they need to roam!
  4. designingdaddy posted this


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