March 31st, 2012

I wasn’t sure if Business Papa would like Kripalu or not, this is his first visit. He’s often quite a cynic with these type of things. It might have been a little less than two hours since we arrived and these words came out of his mouth “You know, I realized, that since I can basically work from anywhere, I could just check in here for a month or so. I think that would be really good for me.”

Screeeeeech, put on the brakes! What? If you knew our background and history you too would be picking yourself up off the floor. I know that the Kripalu experience can seduce many people who are at various stages of their “journeys” but damn, he must have had the undiluted punch concentrate immediately upon arrival. Don’t get me wrong, I am 100% all for any kind of self-awareness and optimizing oneself. In fact in the almost twenty years we’ve been together, I think I’ve mentioned it one or two gazillion times in everything from yoga, the raw diet, “eat right for your blood type”, psychics, drugs, retail therapy, the list goes on and on. If there’s a lifestyle improvement soapbox to get on, I’ve pretty much camped out on it until a new one is available to hop over to.

So somewhere along the way, I guess BP’s exposure to all this kinda musta, sunk in a little bit. My first reaction to his statement was joy that he would consider such a radical choice—in order to help himself (stress uses his photo for reference) The other side of me knee-jerked at how I would handle things during that month. But, guess what, I had a clear (and manageable) picture of that month within seconds of my initial joyful panic.

Namaste business papa, namaste.

  1. ltlbull said: eating good and yoga sound great, but, lol, psychics? to each his own, i suppose. :) love the eames shell armchair and flor tiles… i’d probably want to work there too :)
  2. mayak46 said: picking myself up off the floor. Also imagining his brother there with him.
  3. bujnik said: ….I wanna go.
  4. designingdaddy posted this


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