February 25th, 2012

Day 24: I-Spy Edition

Okay, so while perusing the many interesting “bathroom cabinet” photos from yesterday, I started feeling a little self-conscious about my t-zone areas. Why, you might ask? Well take a quick look at this little composition of a few of those cabinets.

Let’s play I-Spy. (be sure to embiggen the photo) Can you find the pink dot in each picture? What’s the one common thing each pink dot is next to? Is it  Bioré®  Pore Strips? Why, yes it is. Is there an epidemic of blackheads in Tumblr-world? Some sort of crowd hysteria over the removal of sebum plugs? Or has  Bioré®  pulled off a masterful viral marketing scheme? 

  1. mediocremommy said: pore strips will change your life.
  2. designingdaddy posted this


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